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Where To Find Information

We understand that our parents are eager to understand as much as they can about the PMI CC programs. To assist, we aim to provide all information on our website. Please see below where you can find key parent information.


If you have additional questions, please email us and we will clarify any questions you might have!

  • Instruments to learn
    Across our program, we have various tutors and locations. Not all instrument options are available in all locations, so please refer to your location specific page for details - accessible via "Find your location" in the above menu. We teach the following instruments: Guitar Keyboard Drum Kit Vocal
  • Lesson formats (e.g. small-group or private lessons):
    PMI CC offers Private, Pair, Small-Group (3-5), and Club/Rehearsal lesson formats at Primary Schools to give our students a truly engaging music experience. Our Studio and Online lessons can be delivered Privately or in some cases, Pair lessons. Please refer to your venue specific page for details - accessible via "Find your location" in the above menu. If you enrol for pair or private lessons In School and there is not initially an available space in the timetable, we will contact you to discuss your child's enrollment in a small-group lesson (if places are available) so that they can start immediately. Clubs such as Ukulele Club or Djembe Drum Club are typically run during school recess/lunch times and aim to provide a fun and engaging musical activity with minimal focus on theory. We offer these clubs at a significantly low price to include as many students as possible and to provide a meaningful contribution to the school. Rehearsals such as Rock Band are a valuable resource to schools (hence the minimal fee) as they can showcase their amazing music students with more performance opportunities! These rehearsals are typically reserved for the most capable music students, so that rehearsal can be more about playing together and preparing for performances than learning the fundamentals of music.
  • Lesson day(s)
    Lesson days are confirmed by email when we identify a suitable available space and add your child to the timetable (see section below "Notifying parents when new students are added to the timetable"). These can also be checked at all times via the PMI CC online parent portal. ​ If lesson days change, we will notify students and parents by email and SMS (and will also call parents if your child's lessons are before/after school to coordinate a suitable new lesson day).
  • Lesson timing
    For In School lessons, we group together students from the same classroom or age group (where feasible) and avoid clashes with specific lessons that we are instructed by your school to avoid. Details of exact lesson times during the school day are subject to regular change e.g. fire drills, school camps, excursions, exams, etc. (and some of these events are only decided by the school on the day i.e. are not known in advance). The default is that lessons are during the school day; although, at some schools we offer lessons before/after school.
  • Textbooks
    Program prescribed textbooks (and PMI CC Stars cards for keyboard, guitar and drum kit students) will be provided to your child at their first lesson. We charge a $30 textbook fee to cover the cost of the book. This will be included in your first invoice and any other time that you need a new textbook. For existing students that want to reorder a textbook or purchase a new textbook (as they progress through the program), please specify your request by emailing
  • Instruments for lessons
    We require all students to have access to an instrument for practice outside of lessons. Keyboard and drum kit students are supplied with their instruments for use during PMI CC lessons. Guitar students must bring their own instruments to lessons/rehearsals every week. We have instruments available for rent/purchase if you visit Instrument Rental on our website
  • When EXISTING students start lessons
    In term 1 each year, existing students will resume lessons in week 2 of the school term (unless advised otherwise by PMI CC). In terms 2-4, existing students will resume lessons in week 1.
  • When NEW students start lessons
    New students will commence lessons once a suitable location and time has been confirmed by PMI CC. If the enrolment is received after school term week 5, the student will be added to the waiting list to be included in the timetable of the following term (if there is a suitable available space).
  • Invoices
    Any fees payable only need to be paid upon receipt of an invoice, which will be sent once your child has been successfully added to the timetable. The various payment methods will be detailed on your invoice including the easy option to save your card details within the Parent Portal for automatic direct debit. Please do not make payment to your PMI CC teacher or school.
  • Cancellation policy
    As explained in our Terms and Conditions: If you wish for the student to cease lessons, please ensure that a written cancellation notice is sent to PMI CC by email. Please do not send letters or messages regarding your child's music tuition to your child's school. All correspondence is to be sent to ​ Upon cancellation you will be notified of any amount owing or to be refunded. Once your account is settled, the cancelation will be complete.
  • Missed lesson and make-up policy
    As explained in our Terms and Conditions: If the student is unable to attend their scheduled lesson, the parent/guardian or the student must inform PMI CC via phone, email or text at least 30 minutes before the lesson. This will result in the application of a Make Up Credit to the student's account. If notification of a planned absence is received within 30 minutes prior to the scheduled lesson, PMI CC staff will decide if a Make Up Credit will be applied to your account or not. We will not offer Make Up Credits for missed lessons if we do not receive prior notice. For any lesson missed as a result of a school event or caused by PMI CC (e.g. teacher illness), we will apply a Make Up Credit to your account. We will try to arrange a Make Up Lesson in the same school term as the missed lesson, however if this is not feasible then any money paid for the missed lesson will be forwarded to your next invoice. This will show on your next invoice as 'Balance Forward.'
  • Duration / length of lessons
    The In School standard lesson duration is 30 minutes. This includes collection/drop off of students for programs during the school day. The only current exception to this rule is with Rehearsals, like Rock Band, which are 45 minutes long. Studio and Online lessons have the option of 30, 45, or 60 minute lessons.
  • Class sizes
    Small Group - 3-5 students (In-school only) Pair - 2 students Private - 1 student
  • Structure of PMI CC lessons
    Instrumental lessons: Small Group lessons will focus primarily on textbook learning as well as some added theory and some ensemble songs. Pair and Private lessons begin with revision - usually of basic theory/note-reading and also of pieces learnt in the previous weeks. The second part of the lesson is dedicated to learning a 'fun song' Vocal lessons: Pair & Private vocal lessons start with body and vocal warm ups and scales. The second part of the lesson is singing songs that interest the student and working on the vocal techniques within those songs.
  • PMI CC Star Missions
    The PMI CC Star Missions program consists of 48 'Star Missions' that students need to complete as part of their musical journey. Each Mission is based on one of three important musical skills that students learn: music theory/technique, chords/scales/rudements, performance. The 'Star Missions' are grouped into a series of 16 levels (8 Junior, 8 Senior) that students can achieve - with names such as Musician, Performer, Maestro, Virtuoso, etc. Students who advance through a level receive a corresponding coloured wristband from their PMI CC teacher as an award. The PMI CC Star Missions Program is currently offered to all of our Primary School aged keyboard, guitar and drum kit students. We find the Star Missions Program a great means for motivating and rewarding students, communicating a structured path of progress to parents and ensuring a quality curriculum of core musical skills.
  • Holiday program
    Holiday Lessons are available at Studios or Online. The PMI CC team will contact you leading up to the respective school holidays to invite students to participate (participation is optional). Once the student's place in the timetable is confirmed we will include these lessons in your invoice for the following school term. The price remains the same as their normal lessons. The Holiday Program is only available for the following lessons: - Keyboard - private, pair, small-group (3) - Guitar - private, pair, small-group (3) - Vocal - private - Drum Kit - private, pair
  • Correspondence with PMI CC
    To help us provide a professional service and timely response, we request all correspondence is to be sent to For urgent matters, please call 0411 758 285
  • Public holidays and pupil free days
    PMI CC lessons will not proceed on public holidays or pupil free days unless PMI CC explicitly notify you of alternate arrangements.
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