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Quality beginner instruments. No fuss.

We supply the perfect entry-level instruments for Primary-aged students to get started easily on their desired instrument. You can purchase our new or used instruments outright or choose our amazing Rent-To-Buy system where you pay over four school terms and the instrument is yours. Let's be honest, some students may only want to try out an instrument for a term before either committing to it or deciding that it's not for them. This is where our Rent-To-Buy system shines for our students' parents as you can simply return the instrument without having paid full price. GENIOUS!
Our prices are competitive because we prioritise getting instruments in our students' hands at their first lesson (if possible). No delivery fee. No fuss. Let's learn some music!

Rental Terms and Conditions

  • To rent an instrument with PMI CC, you must be enrolled in music lessons with us.

  • You will be billed for the instrument as part of your term invoice for lessons (Family discount only applies to lessons, not purchases).

  • If the rented instrument gets broken or significantly damaged during the rental period, you must pay out the total rental amount owing.

  • The pictures displayed above are reflective of available options as at early-2023. Other similar models of the instrument may be offered instead.

    *Used instruments are subject to availability

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