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PMI CC Terms and Conditions


1. Lesson costs: The lesson cost varies depending on the program and lesson format selected (all lesson costs will be listed as you select your preferred instrumental music program and lesson format). Lesson prices are subject to change in the future (and you will be notified in advance if prices are changed).


Tax invoices will be emailed to you 2 weeks before a new school-term begins (with a 4-week payment term) to be paid in advance for any pre-arranged school holiday lessons (optional) and for the term to come (and if no email is provided there will be a $3 charge for each tax invoice posted to you). The cost per term varies depending on the number of weeks in each term (e.g. a typical term is 10 weeks). If there is a credit amount remaining from the previous term, this credit amount will be applied to the following term invoice (or refunded in the case of a cancelation).

A family discount of 10% will be applied to all invoices for families of 2 or more active students. This only applies to lesson fees and textbooks.


2. Textbooks: Students learning an instrument with PMI CC will require the use of program prescribed textbooks. Initial textbooks will be provided to the student at their first lesson and a charge of $30 added to your first invoice. Additional textbooks may be required in future terms depending on individual student progress. An additional postal fee of up to $15 will be applied if the textbook can't be delivered in person.


3. Missed lesson and make-up policy: If the student is unable to attend their scheduled lesson, the parent/guardian or the student must inform PMI CC via phone, email or text at least 30 minutes before the lesson. This will result in the application of a Make Up Credit to the student's account. If notification of a planned absence is received within 30 minutes prior to the scheduled lesson, PMI CC staff will decide if a Make Up Credit will be applied to your account or not. We will not offer Make Up Credits for missed lessons if we do not receive prior notice. For any lesson missed as a result of a school event or caused by PMI CC (e.g. teacher illness), we will apply a Make Up Credit to your account.


We will try to arrange a Make Up Lesson in the same school term as the missed lesson, however if this is not feasible then any money paid for the missed lesson will be forwarded to your next invoice. This will show on your next invoice as 'Balance Forward.'

4. Payment of fees:

(a) You agree to pay PMI CC the fees for the scheduled lessons, optional instrument rental/purchase, products, agreed services ( such as recording, instrument repair etc.), and textbooks provided in accordance with these Terms and Conditions within the timeframe requested on your invoices.

(b) PMI CC's billing sequence if your account is not paid is as follows. Please contact PMICC to agree a payment plan if you are unable to pay your invoice by the due date:

(i) Invoice is issued with the due date set 4 weeks from the issue.

(ii) If full payment is not made by the due date on the invoice, a late fee of $25 will be applied to your invoice 21 days after its due date unless paid in full.

(iii) If your account is not paid in full by the end of the school term, the student will be placed on the waiting list with no guarantee of a place in the schedule upon full payment of fees and subsequent re-enrolment, and your account will be sent to the external fee collection agency, Bill Chaser.

(iv) If your account is sent to Bill Chaser, extra fees will apply in accordance with their escalation strategies. These fees will be as follows:

Stage 1 - 20% of your invoice with the late fee included

Stage 2 - 20% of your invoice with the late fee included plus $50

Stage 3 - 20% of your invoice with the late fee included plus $165

(c) PMI CC is a registered provider of the Service NSW Creative Kids scheme. If your child is eligible for these vouchers, you can claim them with us by emailing us at with the voucher number, child's name and Date Of Birth. For more information on the Creative Kids vouchers, please visit their website at

(d) PMI CC will issue a tax invoice to you for payment of fees each term by emailing the tax invoice to the email address nominated by you, or such other address that you notify to PMI CC in writing. Fees are due on the date shown on each tax invoice as the 'due date.' Overdue accounts incur a $25 late fee on each occasion and are subject to collection by legal means.

(e) Where your child is automatically re-enrolled into the next school term (in accordance with PMI CC's automatic re-enrolment policy set out in these Terms and Conditions), PMI CC will charge you the term fees payable as stated on the tax invoice until notified of cancelation in writing.

(f) In relation to auto deducting payment from your debit or credit card, you also agree:

(i) PMI CC is not responsible for the collection, storage or processing of your credit or debit card details where a third party payment processor has collected such details;

(ii) at the time of issuing the tax invoice, to authorise PMI CC to deduct the amount of the tax invoice from your debit or credit card that you have provided (with the tax invoice typically issued monthly, for the upcoming month of lessons);

(iii) you may stop or defer a debit payment at any time by providing PMI CC with at least ten days notification by email to;

(iv) where you have authorised PMI CC to deduct the amount of the tax invoice from your debit or credit card, it is your responsibility to ensure that there are sufficient clear funds available in your account to allow a payment to be made. If there are insufficient funds in your account to meet a payment you must arrange for the payment to be made by another method or arrange sufficient clear funds to be in your account by an agreed time so that PMI CC can process the payment; and

(v) you should check your account statement to verify that the amounts debited from your account are correct.

If you believe there has been an error in debiting your account you should notify PMI CC directly ( as soon as possible so that PMI CC can resolve your query. Alternatively you can take it up directly with your financial institution.

PMI CC agrees to use and hold your payment information in accordance with the Privacy Policy set out in these Terms and Conditions.

5. Automatic re-enrolment: From the time the student is first enrolled, they are considered to be enrolled until a cancellation is received. Re-enrolment is automatic from one school term to the next, including from one year to the next.

6. Cancellation policy: If you wish for the student to cease lessons, please ensure that a written cancellation notice is sent to PMI CC by email. Please do not send letters or messages regarding your child's music tuition to your child's school. All correspondence is to be sent to

Upon cancellation you will be notified of any amount owing or to be refunded. Once your account is settled, the cancelation will be complete.

7. Instrument rental:

(a) To rent an instrument with PMI CC, you must be enrolled in music lessons with us.

(b) You will be billed for the instrument as part of your term invoice for lessons (family discount only applies to lessons, not purchases)

(c) If the rented instrument gets broken or significantly damaged, you must pay out the total rental amount owing.

(d) The instruments displayed on our website are not necessarily the same make and model as the instrument that will be available at the time of purchase. Similar models will however be on offer.

(e) Used instruments are subject to availability.

8. Under 18 Student supervision: Parents/guardians are responsible for the arrival and collection of students participating in PMI CC lessons and rehearsals outside of school hours. The PMI CC tutor will supervise the student within the scheduled lesson time

9. Consent to photographs and videos: PMI CC will occasionally use photographs and videos of students in promotional material including (but not exclusive to) school newsletters, our website, social media and brochures. Upon enrolment online of by paper form, you will be provided with an option to accept or decline the use of photos and videos of the student for promotional purposes. If you ever wish to change your preference on this, please notify PMI CC in writing.

10. Use of instruments within lessons: PMI CC will provide drums and keyboards within those respective lessons. Guitar students need to bring their own guitar to their lessons.

11. Key parent information: Please ensure you have read important information accessible if you click on "Key parent FAQs" - which is a sub-category in the menu within "Parent FAQs". We want all our students and parents to be prepared and enjoy the PMI CC program!


12. Privacy policy: To the extent permitted by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and without further reference to you, you consent to PMI CC:

(a) disclosing information concerning the conduct of your account to a credit reporting agency;

(b) collecting your personal information for the purpose of establishing, maintaining, customising and administering the lessons;

(c) collecting your personal information for the purpose of communicating and marketing to you (for example, to inform you of PMI CCs available lesson spaces); and

(d) collecting your financial/payment information for the purpose of issuing tax invoices and processing payments.


13. Liability:

(a) To the extent permitted by law, you agree that in respect of any liability by you in relation to these Terms and Conditions or the provision of the lessons, any loss or damage suffered by you, including (without limitation) liability for any negligent act, omission or misrepresentation by PMI CC or any breach by PMI CC of any warranty under Australian Consumer Law or under any other law or implied by a court, shall be limited to: providing the lesson again; or payment of the cost of having the lesson provided again, whichever PMI CC in its absolute discretion elects. You agree to release PMI CC from all claims to the extent that PMI CC’s liability exceeds this amount.

(b) To the extent that any loss or damage suffered by you is due to an act, omission, negligence, fault or lack of care on your part or on the part of any person for whom you are responsible, PMI CC are not liable for the loss or damage.

(c) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, PMI CC will not be liable to you for any indirect, special, economic or other consequential loss, including but not limited to loss of revenue, loss of contract, loss of profit howsoever arising and whether in action tort, in equity, under statute or on any other basis.

(d) PMI CC will not be liable for any losses, claims, expenses, actions, demands, damages, liabilities or any other proceedings arising out of reliance on any information you provide that is false, misleading or incomplete including as part of using the PMI CC parent portal (operated by My Music Staff).You agree to indemnify PMI CC from any liability PMI CC may have to you or any third party as a result of any information supplied to PMI CC by you or any of your agents, where such information and documentation is false, misleading or incomplete in a material respect. 

(e) Nothing in these Terms and Conditions affects your rights under the Australian Consumer Law.


14. Governing law: The governing law of these Terms and Conditions shall be the laws of New South Wales.

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